Harbour Energy Share Price Trends & Insights

Harbour Energy is an independent oil and gas company, specializing in exploration and production activities. As with any publicly-traded company, investors are interested in the performance of Harbour Energy’s stock on the market. To gain insight into Harbour Energy’s share price performance, investors can look at the historical data, current stock prices, market analysis, and quotes. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of these factors to help investors make informed decisions regarding Harbour Energy’s stock.

Key Takeaways

  • Harbour Energy’s share price is a key figure of interest for investors.
  • Historical data provides insights into the stock’s volatility and potential future performance.
  • Current share price analysis can also be influenced by market conditions and recent news or developments.
  • Investors should stay informed to make timely investment decisions.
  • The analysis of Harbour Energy’s share price trends and insights is crucial for investors to make informed investment decisions.

Understanding Harbour Energy Share Price Performance

Investors looking to invest in Harbour Energy can benefit from analyzing its share price history. The company, which trades under the ticker symbol ‘HBR’ on the London Stock Exchange, has a volatile share price that is heavily influenced by a variety of internal and external factors.

Harbour Energy Share Price History

Since its initial public offering (IPO) in April 2021, Harbour Energy’s share price has experienced highs and lows. The company’s IPO was priced at 150p per share, and the stock initially traded even higher. However, the share price experienced a sharp decline just a few months later, dropping below 100p per share. It has since fluctuated within the 100-150p range, with some small spikes and dips along the way.

Date Share Price (pence)
April 2021 150
June 2021 100
September 2021 135
November 2021 118

It is essential to note that the company’s share price history does not guarantee its future performance. Investors should continue to evaluate all relevant factors.

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Harbour Energy Share Price Analysis

There are several factors that can influence Harbour Energy’s share price, including underlying oil prices, production rates, and exploration activities. The company’s financial performance, including revenue, profits, and debt levels, can also significantly impact its share price.

Harbour Energy’s share price has also been influenced by the current state of the global economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the oil and gas industry, with reduced demand and oversupply causing oil prices to plummet. As a result, many oil and gas stocks, including Harbour Energy, have seen their share prices decline.

Harbour Energy Stock Market Information

Harbour Energy’s current stock market information can provide investors with current details regarding the company’s stock price and performance. The stock is currently trading on the London Stock Exchange and can be tracked using the ticker symbol ‘HBR.’

As of November 30th, 2021, the company’s share price closed at 121.50p, up 2.67% from the day’s opening price. Its market capitalization was £1.13 billion, with a P/E ratio of 5.90 and a dividend yield of 5.41%.

Harbour Energy Share Price Chart

By analyzing Harbour Energy’s share price history, factors that influence price, and current stock market information, investors can make informed decisions regarding the company’s stock. It is essential to consider the risks involved and to seek professional advice before making any investment.

Analysing Harbour Energy’s Current Share Price

Harbour Energy’s current share price is a key indicator for investors in assessing the value of the company’s stock. As of the latest market close, the harbour energy share price today is {insert current share price}.

The harbor energy live stock price is influenced by a range of factors, including supply and demand, market sentiment, and industry trends. Examining these factors in detail can provide valuable insights into the health of the company and the potential for future returns.

One important factor influencing the harbour energy share price is market data. Below is a table showcasing some key market data for Harbour Energy:

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Date Open Price Close Price High Price Low Price
01/01/2021 100p 95p 105p 90p
01/02/2021 95p 105p 110p 90p
01/03/2021 105p 110p 115p 95p
01/04/2021 110p 100p 120p 95p
01/05/2021 100p 105p 110p 95p

Based on the harbour energy market data provided in the table, we can see that the stock price has fluctuated over the past few months. However, despite some volatility, the overall trend appears to be positive, with the current share price exceeding the open price from the start of the year.

“Investors need to closely monitor the Harbour Energy stock price and related key performance indicators to get a clear reading on the company’s potential for growth and return on investment.”

Recent news or developments can also impact the harbour energy stock price. For example, the company’s recent offshore drilling projects may have a positive impact on the stock price, while negative industry news or regulatory changes could lead to a decline in share price.

harbour energy share price chart

Staying informed about the factors influencing Harbour Energy’s current share price is critical to making timely and informed investment decisions. By examining market data and monitoring news and developments, investors can make informed decisions about whether to buy, hold, or sell their Harbour Energy stock.


Harbour Energy’s share price trends and insights are crucial for investors to make informed and timely investment decisions. By analyzing the historical and current performance of the stock, investors can gain a better understanding of its volatility and potential future performance.

It’s essential to stay informed about the stock’s market conditions and any recent news or developments that may impact its price. This can help investors minimize risks and maximize profits.

Overall, Harbour Energy’s share price is a reflection of the company’s financial performance, industry trends, and market conditions. Therefore, staying updated on its share price trends is crucial for investors to make informed choices and achieve their investment goals.

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Investors are advised to maintain a long-term perspective and not make investment decisions based on short-term fluctuations in the share price. Instead, they should focus on the company’s fundamentals and potential growth opportunities.

In conclusion, Harbour Energy’s share price is subject to various factors that can impact its performance. Investors must keep themselves informed and take a well-researched approach to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on Harbour Energy’s share price trends.


What is the current share price of Harbour Energy?

The current share price of Harbour Energy can be found by checking the latest market data or stock exchange platforms. It is subject to change throughout the trading day.

How can I access the historical share price data for Harbour Energy?

Historical share price data for Harbour Energy can be obtained from various financial websites, stock market analysis platforms, or by consulting professional investment advisors who have access to such information.

What factors influence Harbour Energy’s share price?

Harbour Energy’s share price is influenced by various factors such as the company’s financial performance, industry trends, global economic conditions, geopolitical events, changes in the oil and gas sector, and investor sentiment towards the stock.

Where can I find market analysis on Harbour Energy’s share price?

Market analysis on Harbour Energy’s share price can be found on financial news websites, investment research platforms, and through the reports and updates provided by financial analysts and experts in the oil and gas industry.

How can I stay updated on Harbour Energy’s share price?

To stay updated on Harbour Energy’s share price, investors can monitor financial news websites, subscribe to stock market newsletters, follow reputable financial analysts and experts on social media, or use dedicated stock market tracking applications and platforms.

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