A wind farm that will change lives


Jobs as well as clean energy are on the agenda for AAT as it plans to build a community asset that will bring in £200k a year


Awel Aman Tawe is a community energy project working to make a difference to the lives of people at the top of the Swansea and Amman Valleys. It aims to bring clean electricity, jobs and regeneration to the villages near the Mynydd y Gwrhyd. It has planning permission to build a two-turbine community wind farm high up on the Gwrhyd, a £6million asset that will bring low carbon energy and construction contracts to the area, together with an annual income stream from the sale of electricity of some £200,000 that will help to fund local projects. 

AAT is embedded in the community, its small staff and active volunteer group live in the area, and it is committed to protecting the outstanding natural environment of the neighbourhood. It works to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy in the fight against the threat of climate change through a sustained programme of information, communication and consultation and, more recently, through an innovative range of arts activities related to climate change that often reach people at a deeper level. The quality of its work has been recognised nationally and internationally by a growing number of prestigious awards.


Last Updated (Thursday, 22 December 2011 10:59)